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The Wisdom of Pope Benedict XVI

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What would you do if you had the opportunity to ask Pope Benedict XVI any question you wanted?  Well, some lucky souls had the opportunity to attend an open meeting and ask the Holy Father those questions that most trouble us.  The answers given by the Holy Father are truly astounding!  This audiobook truly captures the wisdom of our most Holy Father.

Questions include:

How is Jesus present in the Eucharist? I can't see Him.
How do we acquire a living faith, a truly Catholic Faith, a faith that is practical, lively, and effective?
How can women also have a hand in governing the Church?
What, in your opinion, are the greatest challenges we face in our time and what does the Lord expect of us?
What is the relationship between Catholics and people of other faiths?
What are the priorities that parish priests should strive for?
What should we do to bring God to others in the world?
I have many insecurities, questions, and fears and I want to feel near God. In this silence, where is God?


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