Why go with Catholic Audio?Your solution to faithful audiobook production

100% Mission Driven

We exist specifically to propagate the truth of the Catholic faith.  We do not succeed simply by producing just any books.  We succeed by producing the finest Catholic literature into audiobook format that nourishes souls and impacts the culture.

Attract High Profile Authors

Attract more high profile Catholic authors by being able to not only bring their book into print, but into audio!

Do what you do best

As publishers, you are stretched thin on getting your titles to print.  The idea of managing the complete recording, editing, mastering, production, and online sale of your title in audiobook format is a lot to do!  Let us partner with you and help you in your mission.

Flexibile Plans

Every publisher is different.  We want to meet you right where you are and allow you to be able to produce your audiobook into sale in both the thriving digital and hard goods marketplaces.

Customer Service

Your titles need to be produced the way YOU want them to be produced. Our team is dedicated to working with you through each title to establish masterpieces. With individual attention our team will meet your needs.

Increased Revenue

By investing into audiobook production, you effectively break into one of the fastest growing sectors of the publishing industry worldwide. This means increased revenue for you and the means to more effectively carry out your ministry.

Compare Dedicated Production PlansCompare major features of our production options to fit your needs.

No Liability Professional Exclusive

Pay no production

fee and submit titles

at your desire.

Pay the production fee

and submit titles at your 


Official partnership to

make Catholic Audio the 

exclusive producer of all

your future audiobooks.*

Digital Sales Profits Retained** 50% 90% 95%
Digital marketplace account maintenance*** yes yes yes
Minimum Required Initial CD Set Order Yes**** No No
Dedicated customer service rep Yes Yes Yes
Cost of CD Sets to you 60% off retail 60% off retail 65% off retail
Individual Drop Shipping Yes Yes Yes
Real Time Customer Support Yes Yes Yes
*After partnership is created, we understand that not all titles will go into production
**Digital sales made available through Amazon.com, Audible.com and iTunes
profits are defined as the net receipts from each market.
***Audible, amazon, and iTunes require routine account maintenence with the changing
tech requirements and file formats needed to optimize sales performance.
****The minimum number of CD's purchased will be listed in your quote.
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