Welcome to the Catholic Audio Frequently Asked Questions. Here you will find answers to the common questions asked about our services.

What publishers have you worked with?

We have worked with many amazing publishers including Random House, Sophia Institute Press, Libreria Editrice Vaticana, Emmaus Road and more.

What titles do you recommend going into audiobook production?

We recommend that your featured new releases and perennial bestsellers go into production. These have the fastest rate of return on your investment and have the highest rate of profitability.

Under the production plans, who controls the audio rights? Catholic Audio or the publisher?

The publisher retains all the rights. Catholic audio is simply the producer.

How long it take for our title to hit the market?

A normal title of average book length takes about 4-6 weeks to get on the market.

Will we receive the recordings after you produce them?

Yes, we will electronically send you all the completed files.

If I like a particular narrator you listed, may I ask for them?

Yes! Depending on their work load, it may take more time for them to get around to it.

How do we determine which narrator will be used if we do not pick one?

After submitting a production request we will post this project to our narrators and request that they submit demo readings of your title. Those will be sent to you and you choose your narrator.

What is the production cost for an average length book?

The complete production cost is based mostly upon length and the average book costs anywhere between $400-$900 (shorter-longer).

What are the components that go into audio production?

The production process includes narrator selection and logistics, the studio, the narration process, the editing process, the mastering process, the artwork conversion, the digital market distribution, the CD/mp3 set production and more. All of this is included in the production cost that you are quoted.

Why must Catholic Audio manage the digital market accounts?

There are significant technological maintenance factors involved in having audiobooks for sale on the digital marketplaces of amazon, audible and iTunes. By managing your titles through our account, we ensure that there are no snags in your titles always being available and in the most current user-friendly format.

How are the digital royalties paid out?

We submit biannual reports directly from the digital markets (Amazon, Audible, iTunes) and cut a check to you for the appropriate royalty amount based upon your selected production plan.

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