Your Solution to Catholic Audiobook Production

Our goal is to partner with publishers to bring the best Catholic titles onto the audiobook market…

The Stats
Since 2008200% increase in audiobook sales
Consumer preference for audiobooks is increasing
The market is adapting to technology
53% of sales remain in hard goods
Digital distribution is increasing
No Liability
Production plans begining at$0 to get your titles produced
Production options designed to suit your goals
Complete editing and audio mastering
Fast production with our talented voice artists
Choose your own narrator from our team
Your titles will beSold through
CD sets for wholesale to bookstores
Dropshipping to individual customers

All our production options include

Direct upload to digital markets

Your title will be immediately available on iTunes, and for digital download. These networks have the greatest market share for audiobooks

Choose your reader

Pick from a selection of auditions for your title or choose a reader from their profile demos

More Features

Complete distribition options to saturate the market.We get your titles available for sale in both the biggest digital markets and in CD set form at Catholic book stores across the nation.

Testimonial I

Audible is one of the fastest growing digital markets for audiobooks that is built upon easy user accessibility and big time marketing.

Testimonial II

iTunes is one of the first and most successful apple based digital marketplaces.


Your titles become instantly available on the largest digital marketplaces around the world!
Meet your customers where they are! is the largest complete digital marketplace. All the audible titles show up on the amazon product pages.
Testimonial III

Catholic book stores remain an important place for customers to find the latest and greatest Catholic media.

High quality CD sets
Testimonial IV

Recent title productionWe have partnered with publishers to produce amazing titles

Surviving Depression by Sr. Kathryn Hermes FSP

Surviving Depression by Sr. Kathryn Herm…

Embark on a journey of faith-filled hope and spiritual healing...

More details
Forgiveness by Fr. John R Hurd

Forgiveness by Fr. John R Hurd

In this book, Father R. Scott Hurd writes of the...

More details
Reclaiming Catholic Social Teaching  by Anthony Esolen

Reclaiming Catholic Social Teaching by …

Many claim that Catholic Social Teaching implies the existence of...

More details

Choose the production option that matches your goalsInstant setup, no messing around, amazing features and production is just around the corner...

(1) No LiabilityPay No Production Cost
Pay no Production Costs
Retain 50% digital sales Profits
Place 1 time initial CD set order upon completion
Drop Shipping of CD sets Available on Demand
No Risk Get Started
(2) ProfessionalThe most popular
Pay Production Cost from quote
Retain 90% digital sales Profits
No minimum order of CD Sets Simply buy on demand
Drop Shipping of CD sets Available on Demand
Grab a Quote Get Started
(3) ExclusiveFor partnerships
Agree to partner exclusively with Catholic Audio
95% profit of Digital Sales
10% discounted CD Sets
Drop Shipping of CD sets Available on Demand
Submit Inquiry Next Step
All production plans employ the same production quality standards.
The terms contained above are general. Please refer to specific terms found on the
production table.
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Get the Flexibility,Performance and Support your business needs now.

Catholic Audio. Trusted and Professional Narrators and Sound Enginneers.Catholic Audio has been serving the Catholic publishing community since 2008.

Testimonial I

An accomplished narrator with a diverse backround in voiceover work and love for the Catholic faith.

Gillian Vance
Testimonial II

Left the world of Hollywood and major entertainment to pursue work that glorifies God.

John Walker Haynes.

We are blessed to work with some of the greatest narrators in the business
Each narrator gives the confident and faithful finish that you need.

One of the most trusted voices in Catholic Audio narrators voicing Pope Francis and Archbishop Chaput.

Jeff Blackwell
Testimonial III

A veteran of Catholic Audio and gifted with the ability to voice both fluent British and American accents, we love Karen!.

Karen Savage
Testimonial IV

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