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St. Catherine of Siena - Mary Fabyan Windeatt

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The Catholic Audio Children's Saint Series is the first line of Catholic audio books to bring alive Mary Fabyan Windeatt's storied lives of the saints for children.  Arguably, the greatest line of saints books ever written for children, each book masterfully and dramatically brings alive each of the saints.  This series is sure to plant unforgettable seeds in the souls of all who hear.

Saint Catherine of Siena is one of the greatest saints for our children to come to know.  Born to a noble family in the great Italian city of Siena, Catherine was blessed to receive miraculous visions of saints and our Lord Jesus Christ.

This story brings the reader from the drama of her earliest years in her parents home who opposed her joining the Dominican Order all the way to Catherine's heroism in bringing the Holy Father back from France to Rome where he belonged.

Reader: Gillian Vance

Contains 1 Compact Disc            Approx 1 Hour 10 Min


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