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How to Win the Culture War - Peter Kreeft

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Who doesn’t know we’re at war?  Who doesn’t know that the barbarians are at the gates?  No, inside the gates, writing the scripts of the TV shows and movies and public school textbooks and juridical decisions.

Where is this culture of death coming from?  Here.  America is the center of the culture of death.  America is the world’s one and only cultural superpower.

And if God still loves His church in America, he will soon make it small and poor and persecuted just as He did to ancient Israel—so that He can keep it alive by pruning it.  If He loves us, He will cut the dead wood away.  And we will bleed.  And the blood of the martyrs will be the seed of the Church again and a second spring will come and new buds—but not without blood.  It never happens without blood, without sacrifice, without suffering.  Christ’s work, if it is really Christ’s work and not a comfortable counterfeit, never happens without the cross.  Whatever happens without the cross may be good work, but it is not Christ’s work.  For Christ’s work is bloody.  Christ’s work is a blood transfusion.  That is how salvation happens.

And if we put gloves on our hands to avoid the splinters from His cross, if we practice safe spiritual sex, spiritual contraception, then His kingdom will not come and His work will not be done.  And our world will die.


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