Surviving Depression by Sr. Kathryn Hermes FSP

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Embark on a journey of faith-filled hope and spiritual healing with best-selling author Kathryn J. Hermes.

Depression can strike anyone-even those of us who are deeply committed to living the Christian life. In these dark times, we often feel abandoned, alone, isolated, misunderstood, and hopeless. Especially in today's chaotic world, there are new distressing realities that weigh upon us: war, economic instability, terrorism, natural disasters...all of which make our sense of security so fragile. And as Christians, such experiences can be accompanied by a great sense of anguish and fear.

As someone who has personally struggled with depression, Sr. Kathryn understands these feelings all too well. But as someone who has overcome the illness, she knows that surviving depression and attaining happiness is possible.

For over a decade, Surviving Depression has helped thousands of readers find a reassuring approach to living through depression. By drawing upon the strength inherent in the Catholic tradition and discussing the biological, psychological, environmental, and genetic components of the illness, this companion offers a holistic understanding of depression-for the depressed, their family members and friends, and those who counsel or care for them.

This 10th Anniversary "Updated and Expanded Edition" features contemporary world developments and an entirely new practical guide entitled "8 Steps to Inner Peace." Each chapter is framed by a question or thought relevant to the experience of depression and contains:

-Personal anecdotes

-Vignettes of depressed individuals, including saints and cultural figures

-Relevant Biblical passages

-Spiritual exercises

-Tips for the depressed

-Advice for family and friends

-Prayer suggestions


Forgiveness by Fr. John R Hurd

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In this book, Father R. Scott Hurd writes of the spiritual, psychological, physical, and social benefits of learning how to forgive and find peace. Drawing from his pastoral experience, Hurd examines how human weakness affects such things as our ability to forgive and reconcile, our capacity to trust, and how we cope when a plea for forgiveness is rejected by a person we have wronged.


"That forgiveness is both the central idea of Christianity, and an assault on the conventional human understanding of justice, comes through with great clarity in Fr. Scott Hurd's short, lucid new book..." -Mike Potemra, National Review Online

"I am very moved by your book..." -Fr. Benedict Groeschel, CFR

(W)ritten lovingly, and with common sense... No matter what you may think you know about forgiveness, you will learn from this book. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did. - Dennis O'Donovan, host of "Religion, Politics, and the Culture," WLVJ radio

"Forgiveness: A Catholic Approach is exceptional! Fr. Scott Hurd has penned the book that should be in every Catholic home." -Kris McGregor, host of "Inside the Pages," Spirit Catholic Network

"Forgiveness: A Catholic Approach" should help bring hope and healing to countless people who are struggling to forgive what seems unforgivable. - Deacon Greg Kandra, "The Deacon's Bench"

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