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Encountering Christ by Pope Francis

He is the first Pope to hail from the "New World."  He is the first pope to take the name Francis.  Truly, we have come to know that Pope Francis would be a Pope of firsts.

In this dignified and professional reading, Catholic Audio brings to the listener a selection of Pope Franics' homilies, letters, and addresses delivered from 2009-2013 while he was archbishop of Buenos Aires.

Contained within are the key themes, exhortations and priorities that have emerged as elemental to the pontificate of Pope Francis, especially the need to continue in the task of the New Evangelization by living out our faith as the Encounter with Christ.  Truly, this will shed light on the movement of the Holy Spirit in our Holy Father.

Additional Info

  • Publisher: Sceptre
  • Retail Price: $21.95
  • ISBN: 978-1-936231-32-4
  • Author: Pope Francis
  • Length: 5hr 20min

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